FE Sec II Teaching Methods

My teaching method is covered in the "General Teaching Method" section of all my syllabi. 
Pick any syllabus from any of the courses that I am currently teaching and see the sections labeled "General Teaching Method".

Also, I post my lecture notes on my blog.  At the beginning of each semester, I post on my blog and discuss in class a series of blog posts I call "The Secrets: ........"   
These "Secrets" posts are also part of my teaching methodology.  Please see the links below.

The Secrets of Academic Success
I also work to increase student engagement in class.  First, I use an interactive Socratic teaching method (see description in syllabi).  This leads to good conversations about the class topics with many of the students participating in the conversation.  In addition, I create an interactive, engaging activities in class with new instructional technologies and teaching methods (see links to my course blog posts below). 

Flipping, Appifying and Gamifying the Classroom