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I use SpotifyYouTubeTumblr and to keep track of the songs and albums that I listen to.  Over the years I've listened to a wide variety of musical genres based on my research and personal interests. I scrobble on most of the songs that I listen to on Spotify and YouTube.  On you can see what songs I've listened to recently and also what artists and what albums.  I use Tumblr to highlight some of my musical interests.  

My musical research interests are primarily in protest music, music that speaks to power.  I do rhetorical analyses of such works.  See, for example, my work on music related to 9/11.
  • Hart, W. B. (2005). The country connection: Country music, 9/11 and the War on Terrorism. In D. Heller (Ed.), Selling 9/11 (pp. 155-173). London: Palgrave McMillan.
Music also shows up in some of my course lectures.  See, for example, my lecture notes on Rhetorical Criticism, "Ohio" & Kent State and 4 Songs for Rhetorical Analysis

Below is a sampling of the type of music that I listen to. If you find that we share similar musical interests,
let me know.
My Current Playlists

Note: Use the 3 line menu icon in the upper left of the Youtube video to see the full playlist.

Below is my favorite folk music playlist on Spotify.

My other public playlists from Spotify
My Genre Playlists 

Below is a list of albums that I've listened to or plan to listen to. Last year I listened to 50+ blues albums and now I'm focusing on folk albumsThese lists are based on and inspired by a book titled 1000 Recordings to Hear Before You Die.