Note: This project has been discontinued until further notice.
hack (noun): a solution for solving a problem, a means of accomplishing a goal.
Inspired by sites like and YouTube channels like HouseholdHacker.

News & advice for graduate students & advisors in comm & media studies.

Social Media, etc.

Note: This page and the related social media links have been put on hold as of May 15, 2017.  There is a possibility that may be continued in the future.

This page and related social media feeds contain my advice for communication and media graduate students. I remember
 those profs who helped me in grad school and this, in part, is my attempt to honor and repay those who helped me by passing it forward.

The page and social media feeds contain links to relevant news, tips and info. from around the web. The page and feeds are intended for graduate students and graduate student advisors in communication and media studies. However, undergrads, grad students and advisors in other disciplines may also find the advice, news and information helpful.

Each week hundreds of relevant headlines are scanned, a couple dozen of the most relevant links are read and added to the database and about a half dozen are shared on the social media feeds.