As for research, during the past four years, I published a journal article, a book chapter, several encyclopedia articles, a set of photographs, two conference proceeding chapters and have presented 18 conference papers.  
In addition, prior to 2010, I published another four journal articles and nine book chapters and presented another 18 conference papers.  

Also, in regards to the near future, I have one conference paper accepted for presentation in early 2014, one conference paper submitted (with a graduate student), a book chapter forthcoming and a book under contract to be completed in late 2014.   See the details in the research sections of my C.V.

Also, it is worthy to note that as of 1/15/14, there have been over 420 citations of my research according to Google Scholar.  Over 180 of the citations have been since 2009. See my full record at Google Scholar.

See some of research posted on my account.

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