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Kiss The Girls - Research Project

Kiss the Girls (2nd Alex Cross Novel)
An adaptation study and i deological critique of the novel "Kiss the Girls" and the subsequent film by the same name.  The paper focuses on the physical setting (the Research Triangle in North Carolina) and the social milieu related to racism within the novel and outside the novel and film. (This paper/article will hopefully include some of my photography as well.)

Progress this Summer:
  • Read novel "Kiss the Girls" by James Patterson.
  • Read related novel and viewed related film ("Along Came a Spider").
  • Conducted literature review to determine theoretical perspective.
  • Read on the particular form of ideological criticism used in the paper.
  • Traveled to Washington DC for notes and photographs (the novel and film both begin in DC, the main character's home).
  • Mapped out locations within novel and film.
  • Outlined paper and gathered additional sources.
Next Steps:
  • Travel to Durham, North Carolina for notes and photographs.
  • Finish paper 
    • Note: This is my main research focus from July 15 to August 31.
  • Submit paper and photographs to the North Carolina Literary Reviewby August 31, 2011
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