Novels Set in North Carolina (Past 30 Years)

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Over the past three decades there have been approximately 1000 novels set in North Carolina according to NoveList Plus,  Over 100 of which earned various awards including Cold Mountain, _____, ______
including 79 book series (mostly mystery series).  

I scanned through the 1000+ novels set in North Carolina according to NoveList Plus and identified those that I know have been adapted to film or television.  I found the following novels that have been adapted to film or television.
  • I found, of course, James Patterson's Kiss the Girls (1995), the subject of this research project. In the novel Alex Cross, an African-American detective from Washington, DC, is drawn to "the South," specifically North Carolina (the Research Triangle area) to track down serial killers.    
  • Also, I found eight of Kathy Reich's Temperance Brennan novels (Spider Bones (2010), Devil Bones (2008), Monday Mourning (2004), Bare Bones (2003), Fatal Voyage (2001), Deadly Decisions (2000), Death du jour (1999) and Deja Dead (1997)).  In the novels Brennan splits her time between Quebec and Charlotte, NC.  The Bones television series (2005- ) is based on Reich's character, but is set mainly in Washington, DC.
  • While working on this research I found that Thomas Wolfe's novel I am Charlotte Simmons (2004) will be made into a television series. Wolfe was born in North Carolina and some of his works are set in North Carolina. I am Charlotte Simmons is set on the campus of a fictitious DuPont University (similarity to Duke University?).   I am Charlotte Simmons was on the list of 1000+ novels set in NC.
  • Of course Nicholas Sparks' romances set North Carolina were found (Nights in Rodanthe (2002) set in Rodanthe,  A Walk to Remember (1999) set in Beaufort, NC, Message in a Bottle (1998) set in Wilmington, NC and The Notebook (1996)  New Bern, NC).
  • Also found was Charles Frazier's Cold Mountain (1997), Clyde Edgerton's Walking Across Egypt (1987), two books from John Ehle's Wright family saga, The Winter People (1982) and The Journey of August King (1996).
  • In this search I also stumbled across "In the Heat of the Night" by John Ball.  The novel, originally published in 1965, was republished in 1992 which resulted in it showing up on my NoveList search.  The novel is set in Wells, NC. The 1967 film was set in Sparta, Mississippi as was the television series (1988-1994).  Plot of the novel and film starts with an experienced African-American detective (from Pasadena in the novel and Philadelphia in the film) traveling through a southern town (Wells, NC in novel and Sparta, MS in the film). The detective is arrested by a racist police officer.  Note the similarity to Alex Cross' travel into North Carolina in James Patterson's "Kiss the Girls".