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Digital Photography

Spring 2018
Catalog Description
“Digital Photography (SI). Study of the integration of basic photography with computer technology.  Emphasis on the digital photography process through in-class discussion, field assignments and hands-on laboratory experience.”
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Other Sites for This Course
  • Blackboard - use mainly to check grades, some readings, etc.
  • Lecture Notes and Notes Blog - use these in conjunction with your own notes
  • DigPhotog News - relevant news stories that I've read/watched, some of which are shared in class
  • Quizlet - sign up to get access to online flashcards for this course. Join JRN290 on Quizlet.  There is no guarantee that Quizlet will be available all the time. Use wisely. Quizlet help.
  • Instagram - photo sharing site and app we'll use in class
  • Flickr Info - when instructed, enter your info here; keep up-to-date
  • Pinterest - some student photos on Pinterest

Course Readings

The Betterphoto Guide to Digital Photography
Get from Amazon.com for a very good price and you can even get a Kindle version. You don't even need a Kindle to read a Kindle book. You could put the Kindle app on your phone and download the book.

You can use the above links to get a used copy for a very good price or try Bookfinder.com.  

The University bookstore may also have the book available as new or used.

Note also, you can go to checkout desk at the library and ask for my extra textbooks on reserve in the library. 

Other assigned readings can be found on Blackboard and/or on my blog.

NOTE: Ignore the links below which are labeled "subpages."