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Photo Portfolio Assignment

Photo Portfolio Assignment for First Half of Semester

By the beginning of class on 2/5 do the following.  
  • Shot 20 or more photographs and use the "rules" of composition when shooting them.  Remember: "You don't take a photograph.  You make a photograph."  
  • Post a minimum of 10 of these photos in Flickr.  Don't post photos of people or things that would cause any problems (legal or otherwise).  All these photographs should be photos you have taken and should have been shot in the week before the assignment is due. Also, keep in mind that Flickr does have an upper limit on how many photos can be upload in a month.  Don't go over that limit.  Consult Flickr.com for that limit.
  • Of those 10 or more posted on Flickr choose 3 of the very best and post those 3 on your Blogger photo blog. 
  • For each of the 3 best photos explain how you used the rules/principles of composition when taking these photos.  Be specific, detailed.  Explain each photo using at least 30 words.  Post each photo and explanations/comments in a separate blog post.  So, each week you should have 3 blog posts.
  • Take careful notes in class and check announcements for any further instructions.  For example, some weeks you may be asked to also do an additional task on Flickr or on your photo blog. You may also be instructed that your photos should use a certain "rule" of composition or follow a certain theme.
  • Submit at the beginning of class on the day the work is due the following: (1) a printout of your Flickr pages showing required photos and (2) a printout of your blog pages showing required blog posts.  Grades will be based on these printouts. 
  • Note: While we may do some of this work in class, especially in the first week or two, eventually you will be expected to complete this work outside of class.
  • Note: Make sure you've submitted working Flickr and Blogger address.  Each week these addresses will be used when grading.  See the Flickr and Blogger address list, click on your addresses and make sure the addresses are working.  If the addresses don't work, then submit the correct address using the form at the bottom of the digital photography page (WilliamHartPhD.com).  If your addresses or accounts that don't work, then this will result in 0 points.  
By the beginning of class on 2/12 repeat the above steps.  And, by the beginning of class on 2/19 again repeat the above steps.

Also by 2/19 at the beginning of the class post a separate blog entry to your photo blog.  In this blog post, write an essay which summarizes what you have learned so far in the course.  Include some of your Flickr photos from previous weeks in this blog post as examples.  Use  examples of your photographs as evidence that you have learned. For example, "So far in the course, the key thing that I think I have learned is the composition "rule" called the rule of thirds.  As you can see in my photo below the rule of thirds...."  Submit a printout of your essay blog post at the beginning of the class on 2/19.

Make sure this summary blog post meets the following criteria:
  • Submitted on time (see above).
  • Be a summary of what you have learned (see above).
  • Be a minimum of 500 words.
  • Be in essay form (intro, body, conclusion)* 
  • Be free of spelling and grammar errors. 
After this summary blog entry is posted your online photo portfolio (your Flickr photos and your blog posts) will be graded. 
Note that in the second half of the semester you will continue adding to your online photo portfolio.

Photo Portfolio Assignment for Second Half of Semester
Instructions for the second half of the semester will be posted later.