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Global Media

a.k.a. Comparative Media Systems

Catalog Description
“Comparative Mass Media Systems (SO). Prerequisite: MCM211. Survey of international mass media systems focusing on their development, organization, and operation. Emphasis on the similarities and differences of various systems with a critical view of the effect government has on a nation’s mass media.”

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  • Blackboard - use mainly to check grades, some discussion and some readings
  • Lecture Notes and Notes Blog - see the table of contents on the blog for notes specifically for this course
  • Global Media News - links to news stories discussed in class
  • Quizlet - sign up to get access to online flashcards for this course as they become available
Course Readings
Undergraduates read "Global Communication".  Honors and graduate students read both "Global Communication" and "Global Journalism".

You can use the above links to get a used copy for a very good price or try Bookfinder.com.

Note that the Global Communication text is also available on Kindle. You don't even need a Kindle to read a Kindle book. You could put the Kindle app on your phone and download the book.

Note also, you can go to checkout desk at the library and ask for extra textbooks on reserve in library. 

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