GlobalMedia News - March 30, 2017

·         Africa Trade Meeting Has No Africans After US Visa Denials o

·         Netflix Will Never Dominate the Streaming Market in China. Here's Whyo

·         Stella Artois Water & Matt Damon: Commercial 1:36o

·         Disney’s hit ‘Beauty and the Beast’ is banned in Kuwait for its ‘gay moment’o

·         In a Surprise, the Overseas Movie Box Office Shows No Growtho

·         Afghani rapping barber wins music contesto

·         NK video shows strike on US aircraft carriero

·         ‘Beauty and the Beast’ Debuts to Magical $350 Million Globallyo

·         Brazilian Facebook User Prosecuted for Posting a Joke About a Politician · Global Voiceso

·         Turkey plans to ban TV dating showso

·         US State Department Braces for Steep Budget Cuts Slashing Foreign Aido

·         Satellite Spots New Builds in South China Seao

·         Cuba Tries to Reboot its Creaky State News Apparatuso

·         Somali pirates just hijacked a commercial ship for the first time in five yearso

·         After Arab Spring, Tunisian Police Brutality Is Backo

·         Palestinian Hip-Hop Star Tamer Nafar Fights Racist Israeli Policies in New Film, "Junction 48"o

·         Trump’s Cuts to USAID Would Imperil the United Stateso

·         Inside Northern Nigeria’s Emerging Hip Hop Sceneo

·         Chad journalists in hiding after threatso

·         Ukraine Will Blacklist Websites That ‘Undermine Ukrainian Sovereignty’o