GlobalMedia: News - April 6, 2017

    • 50 years ago, MLK spoke out against Vietnam. His words are just as relevant today.
    • Starbucks Japan's New Frappuccino Is American Cherry Pie You Can Drink 
    • Tanzania Struggles to End Child Labor
    • United States to Cut Funding to U.N. Population Fund Over Claims U.N. Calls ‘Erroneous’
    • Arwa Damon: 'It defies logic'
    • Trump Shifts Course on Egypt, Praising Its Authoritarian Leader
    • Why Do Some South Koreans Believe A Myth That North Koreans Have Horns?
    • India banned a movie about four women because it was 'lady-oriented.' It plays in L.A. this week
    • Inspired by a Pioneering Nigerian Author, Yorùbá Language Advocate Takes to the Internet
    • 6 aid workers killed in South Sudan
    • ‘Beauty and the Beast’ Nears $700 Million Worldwide, ‘Kong’ Strong Overseas
    • Amnesty International: One Third of All Imprisoned Journalists Are in Turkey