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History of Media

FALL 2015
Catalog Description: "HISTORY OF MASS COMMUNICATIONS (SO); PREREQUISITE: MCM 211; Study of the origin and development of mass media in the United States.Emphasis on the press, radio, television and motion pictures."

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  • Blackboard - use mainly to check grades, some discussion and some readings
  • Notes Blog - the course lecture notes on a blog
  • Quizlet - sign up and help create online flashcards for this course. Join MCM310 on Quizlet when instructed.  There is no guarantee that Quizlet will be available all the time. Use wisely.

Course Readings
The book can be found for purchase online for a very reasonable price. Start with your favorite online textbook stores and then try Bookfinder.com.  Or try Amazon.  

Other assigned readings can be found on Blackboard and/or on my blog.