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Intercultural Comm

FALL 2017

Undergraduate Catalog Description: “This course introduces the learner to the process of understanding intercultural communication (e.g., communication between people from different cultures). This course will expose the learner to the substantive theoretical issues in cross-cultural, intergroup, and intragroup, communication that contribute to effective communication between those from different cultures.” 

Graduate Catalog Description: “This course discusses communication among various cultures with emphasis on behavioral patterns of certain groups and/or social classes.”

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Course Readings
Undergraduates read "Communication Between Cultures" (6th edition) 
Graduate students read both books.

You can use the above Amazon links to get a used copy for a very good price or try Bookfinder.com for Communication Between Cultures and Intercultural Communication: A Reader.

Note also, you can go to checkout desk at the library and ask for my extra textbooks on reserve in the library. 

Other assigned readings can be found on Blackboard and/or on my blog.

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