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Intercultural Media Campaign

Intercultural Media Campaign

Your assignment is to write a plan for an intercultural media campaign. Your campaign should be designed to change knowledge, change attitude or change behavior related to intercultural issues in society. For example, (1) you could write about an idea for an app that educates students about Asian and Asian-American stereotypes in film or (2) write about an idea for a YouTube video that persuades viewers to be more tolerant and accepting of Muslim-Americans or (3) you write about an idea for a website that helps people with issues related to culture shock.  These are just a few examples of many possibilities. Choose a campaign that you are interested in and have a passion about. Also, keep in mind, you would not actually doing the campaign, just planning.  Already in class we have discussed possible campaign ideas and explored a variety of possible topic areas.  The task now is to finalize choices and complete your intercultural media campaign plan.

Organization of the Paper

Your paper should have the following sections:

  1. Recognizing the Problem or Need - What is the intercultural problem that your campaign is going to address? Changing knowledge, attitude or behavior? Who is the audience of your campaign?

  2. Basic and Applied Research - What basic information is important to addressing the problem? For example, if you are addressing a form of prejudice, what is prejudice and what does the scholarly literature say about prejudice?

  3. Summary of Campaign - What will the campaign contain? Describe it.

  4. Anticipated Consequences - What would be the anticipated results or consequences of your campaign?

All sections of the paper should be of approximately the same length with the exception of the summary of the campaign section.  The campaign section should be three-times as long as the other sections.  

The paper should include section headers which clearly indicate the sections of your paper.  The paper should be between 1200 and 1500 words in length, not including references.


You are required to indicate what information you have gathered from sources and from where you have gathered the information.  Properly cite your sources within the paper and have properly formatted reference section at the end of your paper.  Use APA style for your citations and references. Make sure included web links are working properly.  Re-read the section of the syllabus regarding plagiarism.  There should be no more than 30 words (total) of quotes in your paper from references.   The paper should use at least four different references.  One of the references may be course readings.  

Submitting Your Work

Your campaign idea, a very brief outline and a list of some of your references are due via email to your professor by November 3rd by noon.  This email should be sent from your NSU email account and the subject line should be “MCM420/COM655 Campaign Idea.” The and outline given in this email  should be for the most part what is in the final campaign submitted at near end of the semester.  Only slight alterations will be acceptable.

At the very beginning of class (5 p.m..) on November 29th submit a hard copy of your paper.  Also, email a copy of the exact same paper as an attachment to your professor by 4 p.m. on November 29th.  The paper should be emailed from your NSU email account and the subject line should be “MCM420/COM655 Campaign Paper”.  See syllabus regarding late work.  The paper should be written in Microsoft Word and be in 12 point Times New Roman font with 1 inch margins.  The paper should be single-spaced.    

Submitting Early

The paper may be passed in early.  For each business day early, 2 points will be added to the overall score.  A maximum of 20 points can be earned for passing the paper in early.  If passing in early, pass in the hard copy at the beginning of class or during office hours. Plan accordingly.  Email the proposal at least 30 minutes before passing in hard copy.

Graduate Students

In addition to the above instructions, which undergraduates will follow, your project should include 2 additional  references (total: 6),  Two of the six references may be course readings.  The paper should also contain a larger word count.  The paper for graduate students should be between 1500 and 1800 words in length, not including references.


Your paper will be scored based on how well you follow the above instructions and show proper understanding of course content.  Ask questions well in advance, if you have them.

Of course, your paper should be well organized and free of spelling and grammatical errors.

This paper assignment is worth 200 points.

Note: This assignment may be modified as the semester progresses. Pay close attention to emails and in-class announcements.