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Your Website

Throughout this semester you have been developing your website.  This began back when you first sketched your general design and then determined your color scheme and has continued with you, more recently, adding multimedia into your site.

As covered in class, your site should contain

  • 5 HTML pages/files

  • a CSS file that is used in all 5 HTML pages  

  • at least 3 photos/graphics

  • a navigation bar with hyperlinks to each of your other 4 HTML pages

  • on the home page, links to at least 2 of your social media sites (should hyperlinked images).

One of the HTML files/pages is your home page and another is your resume page.  The resume page should contain lists and show your coding ability with lists. The remaining 3 HTML pages are your choice.  Students sometimes include pages like a hobby page, a portfolio page or a dedication page.

Copyright and Plagiarism

Do not include anything in your site that you do not have the rights to use  For example, do not use photographs that you do not have permission to use. You can link to other content on other sites, of course, but within your site, the content should be yours.

Also, all code that is contained within your site should be written by you. Do not copy and paste code written by another person or auto-generated by some website or software program.  For this assignment, this would be plagiarism. See the “Academic Misconduct/Plagiarism” section of the syllabus . The only exception to this code plagiarism is that you may use and insert YouTube video embed code.  You may also include embed code for Facebook or Twitter feeds.

Exam Question

There will be a question on the final (Exam 3) in which you will be asked to explain a section of your code.


On the due date submit printouts of the following.

  • a cover page that describes your site and explains why you designed your site in the way that you did.  Be sure to cover, especially, your color scheme and typography choices (minimum 200 words).

  • each of your 5 HTML files showing your code

  • your CSS file showing your code

  • printouts showing all your pages from within the browser as a viewer would see your page

Also on the due date submit a thumb/flash drive with the following.

  • each of 5 HTML files

  • your CSS file

  • your media files

On the thumb drive, all files should be in a directory called MYSITE.  The drive should contain no other content, only content for this this assignment.  Your main page or homepage should be called HOME.html. When the HOME.html file is opened in a browser it should work.  That is, it should display all text and media as expected and links should take a user to the intended site.

All HTML and CSS files on the drive should be the very same files submitted as printouts.

All graduating seniors, your due date is Friday, April 20th by 4 p.m.  Deliver the above to my office in Brown. I’ll have special office hours from 2 - 4 p.m.  Graduating seniors remember your final exam is on Tuesday April 24th at 5 p.m.

Students who are not graduating seniors and are in the Tuesday night class, your due date is Tuesday, April 24th by 5 p.m. at the very beginning of class.  Students who are not graduating seniors and are in the Thursday night class, your due date is Thursday, April 26th by 5 p.m. at the very beginning of class.

NOTE: The process of actually uploading your HTML and CSS to a server is your site is going to be optional. Look for instructions on ways to do this a little later. I decided to make this part optional to especially help out the graduating seniors. Those of you with very strong interests in uploading your site for all the world to see keep talking with me.