Weekly Checklist

MCM510 - Intro to Mass Media - WEEKLY CHECKLIST*

Before class, each week do the following.

  1. Check your current points earned (XP) on Blackboard. Know where you stand.

  2. Check schedule and the XP page to see what needs to be read and done for the week. Do that work.

  3. Check for any reminders sent from Remind by the professor. Sent to your phone.

  4. Read and study assigned reading for the week. See “Course Readings” on Bb.

  5. Read/watch/listen to and study lecture notes on blog.

  6. Post comments on FB or Bb, if due.  See XP page.

  7. Use Quizlet to study the week’s reading and lecture notes.

  8. Be prepared to take a possible pop quiz or exams if scheduled.

  9. Be prepared to participate in learning activities/games during class.

  10. Attend class, participate, interact and ask questions.

You do not need to follow this exact order, but be sure to do these things on a weekly basis.

* This checklist may not include all that needs to be done for the course, especially those assignments that are not done on a weekly basis.  See other course documents (syllabus, XP page, etc.) for information other requirements for this course.