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Media Theory

FALL 2020
Catalog Description
This course is designed to provide an overview of the models of communication-based on Perception Theory, Learning Theory, socio-psychological models, cybernetics, and attitudes and attitude change theories. Required of all graduate majors."

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  • Blackboard - use mainly to check grades, some discussion, and some readings
  • Lecture Notes and Notes Blog - see the table of contents on the blog for notes specifically for this course
  • Com Theory News - links to news stories discussed in class
  • Quizlet - sign up to get access to online flashcards for this course as they become available

Course Readings

(2nd ed., 2017) by Rosenberry and Vicker
ISBN-13: 978-1138689121
ISBN-10: 1138689122

In addition to the above textbook, there are more advanced, graduate-level reading as well.
You can use the above Amazon links to get a used copy for a very good price or try Bookfinder.com.

Note also, later in the semester, there is a chance that you'll be able to go to the checkout desk at the library and ask for my extra textbooks on reserve in the library. This depends on available funds.

Other assigned graduate-level readings can be found on Blackboard and/or on my blog.