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Media Theory Project

Last updated: 10/2/17
In this assignment you will, as part of a group, give a presentation on one or two theories covered in the reading for your assigned week.

With your group members, scan the reading for the week that you are assigned, and decide on the one or two theories that you will cover.  Email Dr. Hart your choice(s) two weeks (14 days) before your presentation.

There should be two to three members per group.  We will need to have 6 groups total to cover Weeks 11-16.

The presentations should ... 
  • identify and explain one or two theories covered in that week's reading.
  • include PowerPoint..  Email Dr. Hart the final PowerPoint before the presentation. The PowerPoint presentation will be shared with your fellow students.
  • be 10 minutes in length per member of the group.  For example, if there are three people in the group the presentation should be 30 minutes in length (3x10).
  • include a 10 minute question and answer period.  This is in addition to the 20 or 30 minutes above.  All students in the audience should have at least one question ready.* 
  • include a minimum of 3 terms and 1 list.  At least one of these should not be defined or listed in the reading. 
  • may include one mnemonic to help in learning that content.
  • include video and/or audio clips, however, the clips should be no more than 5 minutes total.
  • include a minimum of 2 references to 2 books, book chapters or scholarly journal articles relevant to the theories.  Provide a printed or digital copy which shows by highlighting, for example, what parts of the reading were used in the presentation. .
Note, you have a responsibility to your classmates to present accurate and helpful information.

Do not use materials from previous papers, presentations, etc.  This work should be original.

Further instructions may be given here or verbally in class. Take careful notes.

* These written questions from each presentation will be factored into your overall group presentation grade.