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Quizlet Assignment

Fall 2018
(Note: Fall 2019 will be slightly different.)

Part 1

For this assignment, use Quizlet.  We have discussed and created Quizlet accounts in class. Some of you have already started to use Quizlet to help in studying.

You are very much encouraged to use Quizlet to help you study all the course readings and lecture notes for the upcoming exam.  However, for the purposes of Part 1 of this assignment, you are only required to submit sets for 5 of the readings and 2 of the weekly lectures.  This would be a total of 7 sets.  Print the sets out in Quizlet and submit them at the beginning of class on Oct. 22nd, the day of Exam 2.  Of course, use the sets to help you study for Exam 2.  Plan ahead and give yourself enough time to create and then study the sets.

Each reading set should include a minimum of 10 cards and each weekly lecture set should include a minimum of 5 cards.   Remember cards can be words or lists.  If you are working with a word, then the card should include the word and the definition.  If you are working with a list, then include the title of the list and then the items in the list.

For these Quizlet sets do not paraphrase the readings or lecture notes.  Quote the exact definition given and indicate the source,  For example, for the texbook's definition of theory, on your Quizlet set card, you would have "A statement that predicts or explains how certain phenomena are related to one another (textbook reading, p. 3)."   Or, for example, from the lecture notes, you would have development communication defined as "the use of communication technology and principles to aid in the development of a society (lecture notes, 10/1/18)."

This part of the Quizlet Assignment is worth 50 points.

Look here for the next part of the assignment shortly after Exam 2.