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Quizlet Assignment

You'll be using Quizlet and earning points for it.

Be sure to read all instructions before starting. 

To earn up to 100 points, for Weeks 10-17,  do the following.* 
  1. On the mobile app or on a browser, login to your account and go to the Quizlet set for the current week's reading.  Note: Doing this assignment will help prepare you for a possible quiz in class. For example, you can do the Quizlet set for the Week 12 to prepare for the possible quiz on the Week 12 reading. Note: For week's 10 and 17 use the combined Quizlet sets.
  2. Study the sets.  In a web browser use the "Flashcards" or "Scatter" option. In the app version use the "Cards" or "Match" option.
  3. At this point move to the browser version for the remaining steps.
  4. Within the set, now use the "Test" option.  On the "Test" page, choose the "Options" button at the bottom left of the screen.
  5. In the Options window, "Study All" should be chosen.  "Start with term" should be chosen.  Under question type, only the multiple choice box should be chosen. The question limit should be 5 for weeks 11-16 and 10 for weeks 10 and 17. Lastly, click the "Create New Test" button. 
  6. Take the test.  Choose the correct answers for all questions and then click the "Check Answers" button to see your score.
  7. If your score is 80% or above, print out (in browser version) your Quizlet test.  Your test will be unique to you.  If your score is less than 80% repeat the above.  Only 80% or above will be accepted.  See an example printed test attached here.
  8. On the printed test, in the name blank, print your name.  Above that print your Quizlet name.  At the bottom of the printout sign your name.
  9. Submit the printed test at the very beginning of class, before a possible quiz on that same reading.  It should be submit on Tuesdays for both the TTh 1:30 course and the T 5pm course.
Doing this assignment and doing it well will get you good points on the assignment, will increase the chances of a high score on possible quizzes and will also help you prepare you for exams.  Win. Win. Win.

* For Weeks 11-16, the Quizlet assignments are worth 10 points each.  There are also Quizlet assignments before Exam 2 (Week 10) and Exam 3 (Week 17) and those are worth 20 points each.  
William Hart,
Oct 6, 2017, 6:10 AM